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Kuwait Vision 2035 "New Kuwait

Kuwait's 2035 vision aims on transforming Kuwait into a financial and trade hub regionally and internationally, and becoming more attractive to investors. Where the private sector leads the economy, creating competition and promoting production efficiency. Under the umbrella of a supporting institutional body, which accentuates national values, preserves social identity and achieve social development. As well as providing an essential structure to cultivate a business friendly environment.

This is based upon the vision of His Highness the Amir of Kuwait, Sheikh Sabah AlAhmed AlJaber AlSabah, and the implementation of his Highness's visions in this regards. Kuwait also possess the main elements to move towards achieving this vision. Main elements such as: a strategic geographical location, encouraging legislative body, comprehensive judicial system, and a balanced international foreign policy.


This project uses global indicators to track and measure Kuwait's progress with the plan and its performance, comparative to other countries. As well as setting goals and following up on the performances towards achieving the vision.

Kuwait's national development plan is linked to international goals and factors by adapting them to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) 2030 agenda, in order to achieve compatibility between the national development plan and the international development vision.

The government based this need and desire to acquire a development plan came at a time when the world has been witnessing local, regional, and international developments. Which necessitated the development of a clear, ambitious, objective plan. The objectives of this plan were to raise government performance and channel national resources towards achieving the desired goals. The system includes an integrated system of development documents, including the five-step process that has shaped the development paths of the state over the long term through mechanisms, means and projects to ensure the achievement of development goals in the long and medium term.

The main aspirations of the Vision include:

  1. Restore the regional leadership role of Kuwait as a financial and commercial hub, and reviving the pivotal role of the Kuwaiti private sector in the leadership of development.

  2. Reconstruct the important and different positions, as well as the bodies and institutions of the country. In addition to enabling work empowerment and productivity.

  3. Providing new infrastructure, appropriate legislation and an enabling a business environment conducive to development and providing controls and climate to ensure total and balanced human resource development. Aiming on consolidating the values of society, preserving its identity, as well as achieving justice, political participation and freedoms.

Strategic developmental goals of the national development plans 2035:

  • Increase local productivity and development of non-oil economic sectors.  

  • Improve standards of living for citizens.

  • Engage the private sector into the national economic activity of the country. 

  • Support human and social development.

  • Improve residential policies to support development.

  • Train and qualify national human resources.

  • Enable government administration by restructuring governments bodies.

  • Preserve the values of the Arab-Islamic identity.

The pillars of the National Development Plan (2035 Vision):

  1. Sustainable diversified economy.

  2. Effective civil service.

  3. Sustainable living environment.

  4. Developed infrastructure.

  5. High quality healthcare.

  6. Creative human capital.

  7. Global positioning.