2024/06/22 - 07:18

Kuwait as a Humanitarian Center

 On September 9th 2014, Kuwait was given a high international status as a Humanitarian Center, and H. H. the Amir was named the Humanitarian leader. During an unprecedented ceremony hosted by the previous Secretary General/ Ban Ki Moon in the United Nations headquarters.


1. The acknowledgment of Kuwait as an international humanitarian center, and H.H. the Amir as the Humanitarian Leader, comes through recognition and appreciation by the United Nations. This recognition comes from the role of Kuwait and its people, under the leadership of H. H. the Amir, in standing side by side in support of nations in crisis, and reducing suffering around the world.

2. The relationship between the United Nations and Kuwait has witnessed a great development since 2010, which lead to the recognition of the exemplary humanitarian leadership role Kuwait has played in the region. Among the reason that led to this honorable status include:


  • Humanitarian aid offered by Kuwait for nations and people in need. 

  • Relief campaigns and humanitarian initiatives launched and hosted by the state of Kuwait to offer support for the effected people around the world. 

  • Humanitarian initiatives that H. H. the Amir has launched that Kuwait has hosted, include but are not limited to: the Decent Life Fund which Kuwait has contributed 100 million USD to during the Islamic Economic Forum, a contribution of 500 million USD for the reconstruction of eastern Sudan conference, humanitarian financial contributions to UNRWA and UNHCR, the announcement of the provision of loans to African countries in the amount of one billion dollars at the Third Arab African Summit, and doubling the annual contribution of Kuwait to the United Nations Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) for Africa. 

  • Kuwait hosted many regional and international humanitarian conferences. 
  • The humanitarian role Kuwaiti associations and charities delivering aid to affected countries.
  • Contributions of the Kuwait Red Crescent Society and the International Islamic Charitable Organization in relief and assistance to countries in need. 
  • Appointing a Kuwaiti citizen, Dr. Abdullah Al-Matouq, as the Secretary-General's Humanitarian Envoy.
  • Kuwait hosted conferences for donors in support of the humanitarian situation in Syria.
  • Appointing a dedicated United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) location in the State of Kuwait.