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Travel Guidance

Disclaimer: Please note that the map is for graphic representational purposes only to help user navigation. It should not be taken as an accurate or authoritative representation of geographical features or political boundaries.


General guidelines for traveling citizens: -

• In light of the precautionary measures taken by the  government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in order to stop the spread of the new Corona virus, it has been decided to temporarily suspend the entry of citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries to the cities of Makkah and Madinah, in addition to suspending the use of citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council states The national identity card to move to and from the Kingdom, with the exception of citizens of the GCC states who are currently inside the Kingdom and want to return from it to their countries if their entry is with the national identity card.
• Adhere to the instructions issued by the missions of the States of Kuwait abroad, which are announced through the media and in the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
• The need to ensure that the passport is valid for at least six months from the date of travel.
• Keep your passport, all travel documents and personal belongings in safe places, keep copies of your passport, travel documents, and civil identification card and facilitate procedures when reviewing your mission in case of loss or theft.
• If the passport is lost or stolen, please inform the Embassy and local police immediately and keep a copy of the communication and a copy of the Kuwait State Mission to the country of visit.
• In case of any problem, the citizen should contact the Kuwaiti mission accredited to the country of residence. In the absence of a Kuwaiti mission, the citizen can review any mission of any GCC member country or call the Ministry of Foreign Affairs emergency telephone (+965 9800 7888) ; +965 9800 7999).
• Be careful to deal with licensed and trusted travel agencies.
• Avoid making fake reservations to obtain visas. The reservations of those arriving on the visa application are checked on a random basis.
• Avoid carrying food and canned goods in your bag. Each country has special conditions for entering such products. You can search the list of prohibitions and prohibitions of the country you intend to visit by checking its embassy in the country or searching the Internet on its official website or contacting the administration. Consulate in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
• Each country has special laws regarding the introduction of money, jewelry and valuables. Every citizen must search the official website of the state or consult with the consular administration to know and abide by these laws.
• In order to ensure your safety and safety and to save your money, avoid carrying large amounts of cash during travel, and can be replaced by opening a bank account in the country or use of credit cards.
• Keep a copy of each credit card in a safe place to facilitate actions in case of loss or theft.
• If accompanied by domestic workers, the laws and regulations of the host country must be observed in this regard, while maintaining a written undertaking from the domestic worker that protects the sponsor in the case of accountability, as well as indicating the receipt of all their rights by domestic workers.
• Compliance with all security and safety procedures at airports and international outlets, including inspection and body scanner technology.
• If you want to drive, inquire about the law of the State in this regard, note that there are some countries that require international driving license, and can be inquired at the embassy of the country in the State of Kuwait or the official site of the country.
• Maintain personal security and safety by avoiding suspicious, dangerous or remote areas.
• For any issue and in case of emergency, you can contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the missions of the State of Kuwait, based on the telephone numbers shown in this booklet, on the ministry's official website and in the application of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for smart phones. And official holidays.

Instructions for obtaining a visa: -

• Confirmation of obtaining a pre-entry visa for the country to be visited.
• The nature of the visa granted to you must be observed.
• All required data must be filled out in the visa application form accurately and all answers during the oral interview must be in accordance with the request.
• Know the countries that exempt Kuwaiti citizens from obtaining a pre-visa, and discuss how to obtain a visa once you arrive at your destination by checking the embassy of the country you wish to visit, the official website of the state or the consular department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
• Apply for the visa well in advance of the date of departure, especially if you go to the United States, the European Union and other European countries.
• Apply for a domestic worker visa well in advance of the date of travel. The procedures for obtaining a visa for domestic workers are more complex and require more time than the visit visa for the citizen.

Pre-travel guidelines:

• The need to obtain insurance prior to travel, preferably a comprehensive insurance to cover all expenses that may result from medical treatment in the event of injury to the traveler, or in case of theft.
• To ensure safety and security, please look for travel destinations and learn about some of the basics of the country, especially the areas and places you will visit and the availability of security.
• In order to ensure the safety and security of citizens with special needs and to ensure a good preparation for their travel, we recommend that you make sure to provide everything that suits their needs while traveling.
• Avoid countries and regions that warn the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the embassies of the State of Kuwait to travel for security reasons.

Guidelines when reaching the country you are referring to:

• All regulations and laws of the host country must be respected, with the countries of Belgium, France and Switzerland prohibiting the wearing of the niqab or burqa.
• All required data must be filled in the access card, and all answers during the oral interview with the passport officer should be in accordance with the form, and be careful to answer the question.
• To accurately disclose to the customs officer upon arrival all that is inside the baggage, knowing that under the laws of some countries, the offender must register his money, jewelry and other personal belongings if the value exceeds a certain amount, and you can know these procedures from

Emergency numbers for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) of the State of Kuwait

+965 9800 7888

+965 9800 7999