2021/03/06 - 17:42

7 Jan 2021

His Excellency Sheikh Dr. Ahmed Nasser Al-Mohammad Al-Sabah, Minister of Foreign Affairs, stressed the importance of training and development in building a comprehensive diplomatic personality that meets the requirements of the State and responds to the elements and concepts of its foreign policy in order to achieve the desired elevation and distinction. His Excellency added that the issue of openness, transparency and self-evaluation of training programs and academic courses, is required and urgent in order to correct the training work. This came during the visit and tour that His Excellency undertook to the Saud Al-Nasser Al-Sabah Kuwaiti Diplomatic Institute on Thursday, January 7th 2021. His Excellency indicated that the issue of achieving the goal for which the diplomatic institute was established requires setting a clear vision based on three essential matters:


First: Academic programs and training workshops must be designed in order to achieve the goal we aim for, which is the creation of inclusive diplomacy.


Second: The need to develop effective working mechanisms to evaluate training programs and the extent to which their outputs achieve the desired goal.


Third: Training courses are not optional, but are binding to all employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at all levels of employment.


In this regard, His Excellency stressed that the basic premise behind the establishment of the Diplomatic Institute is to reach the concept of comprehensive diplomacy, which must have several basic characteristics and features, the most important of which are the quality of the diplomatic and intellectual formation, then full knowledge of consular work and its requirements, in serving the Kuwaiti citizen abroad as an essential part of the work of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in accordance with the decree of its establishment, in addition to the adequate briefing on the administrative and accounting work.


Finally, His Excellency directed a full and comprehensive evaluation of the work of the Diplomatic Institute over the past fifteen years, and to set a clear vision for the form and essence of the diplomat required for the year 2030 to meet the requirements and benefits of the future.


For his part, His Excellency Ambassador Abdulaziz Al-Sharekh, Director General of the Saud Al-Nasser Al-Sabah Diplomatic Institute, welcomed His Excellency the Minister, expressing on behalf of all the Institute's affiliates, the most sincere congratulations and blessings of the honor that His Excellency received from His Highness the Emir, on awarding him the Medal is of the First Degree, stressing that this honor is a matter of pride and honor for Kuwaiti diplomacy and all its affiliates, then he gave a full explanation of the departments and divisions of the institute and the tasks assigned to them in addition to the modernization and development of training and study programs, whether directed to the new diplomats or to the general staff of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Ambassador Abdulaziz Al-Sharekh praised the precise directives and notes of His Excellency Sheikh Dr. Ahmed Nasser, and the need to work with them in order to develop the Institute's performance and achieve the vision of a comprehensive and capable diplomat.