2023/01/30 - 05:36

Minister of Foreign Affairs Office

Ambassador / Salah Hamdan Alsaif ,
Assistant Foreign Minister for the Minister of Foreign Affairs Office.
Minister Plenipotentiary / Ahmed AbdulRahman Alshuraim,
Deputy Assistant Foreign Ministry for the Minister of Foreign Affairs Office.


  • Supervising the tasks related to his excellency the minister's visits, forums, and private meetings he attends. 
  • Supervising the correspondences dedicated to the minister. 
  • Supervising the cooperation between the minister and the National Assembly by meeting with the parliament members during the National Assembly committee. Follow up on parliamentary questions and the drafted proposals by the members of parliament, and the requests and inquiries of the National Assembly Committee directed to the minister.
  • Monitoring the local, gulf, middle eastern, and international news on a daily basis. In addition to covering all the press conferences and press releases related to the Minister.  
  • Supervising the jobs related to the Minister directly, scheduling meetings, arranging the minister's daily agenda.