2023/06/09 - 00:18

Sheikh Soud Nasser AlSabah Kuwait Diplomatic Institute

Ambassador/ Nasser Sabeeh  Al Sabeeh

Asistant Foreign Minister For Saud AL- Nasser AL-Sabah Diplomatic Institute In Kuwait


Director General of Kuwait Diplomatic Institute

Kuwait Diplomatic Institute was established as a response to the State of Kuwait’s ongoing diplomatic needs. In addition to providing the Ministry of Foreign affairs with an effective supervision and training tool for the State of Kuwait’s diplomatic personnel, to adapt and perform in an ever changing international climate.
The Kuwait Diplomatic Institute’s decree of establishment outlaid specific goals for the Institute to follow. Goals to insure that the Institute fulfill the needs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Needs such as the training and qualification of workers abroad, military attaches, and mainly, the diplomatic and consular corps of the Ministry. The Institute also organizes workshops, seminars and conferences, based on the needs of the Ministry.
The Institute’s decree of establishment also urged cooperation between the Institute and its foreign international counterparts. This cooperation incorporates the training of foreign persons, as part of special arrangements and/or programs. 
The training of new diplomats is the top priority of the Institute. These recruits go through extensive training for a whole year. Training that covers all the necessary skills for excellent diplomacy.