2022/09/28 - 12:01

Department of Americas Affairs

Counsellor/ Nawaf Abdullatif Al-Ahmad
Deputy Assistant Foreign Minister for Americas Affairs

Department of Americas Affairs Specializations:-

  • Develop and enhance the bilateral relations between the State of Kuwait and the countries of the Americas, Caribbean, Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific, in various fields.
  • Coordinate and communicate with the official Kuwaiti diplomatic missions in Americas/Pacific countries. 
  • Coordinate and communicate with the official Americas/Pacific countries diplomatic missions in the State of Kuwait.
  • Prepare regular studies aiming to reinforce the Kuwaiti with Americas/Pacific relations. 
  • Prepare for the official visits of the Americas/Pacific countries delegations to the State of Kuwait.
  • Prepare and follow up on the Joint Kuwaiti with Americas/Pacific Committees. 
  • Oversee the official Ministry of Education’s academic scholarships offered to students from the Americas/Pacific countries.
  • Coordinate political negotiation meetings with the Americas/Pacific countries.